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Well I think you could make a videogame for your GIP maybe but I think it was mentioned it would have to be educational? Maybe? Did they mention anything about that or have I gone mental

I don’t know friend. I’ve gone mental a long time ago.

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myweelittlelife replied to your post:On the project you are doing, can it be on any program or doe it have to be a web page? :x

Keep in mind you need to use a database in some way or another, maybe that’ll help narrow out ideas (or make it harder for everyone to understand / help idk)


eiseis replied to your post:On the project you are doing, can it be on any program or doe it have to be a web page? :x

Ah, well I guess coding a game wouldn’t be very “professional” then.

Yep. Also again, it needs to be doable in one year, on my own. Scary, huh?

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eiseis said: On the project you are doing, can it be on any program or doe it have to be a web page? :x

It doesn’t have to be a website, but it does need to have a fairly professional ‘air’ to it. It’s not really allowed to make a Yogs fan website or something.

But yes, I am mostly free to do what I want.

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Big Software Project: GIP

OKAY. This is not fandom related, but I would be really thankful if people would read this all, because I sort of need help. I may have mentioned my ‘GIP’ project before on this blog.

My idea is that I could help one of you, and you could help me. More under the cut.

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locust-stripe said: Why have you made me cry so much today? AAAAH Your art is so great though really

I don’t know what came over me, friend it just… happened. I make myself sad and then feel the need to share it :I


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I don’t think we’ve reached any sort of climax yet. We were all expecting the castle to be that way, but now I’m just thinking it was a small step on the way to something even bigger

And yet it didn’t feel like an anticlimax. I flipping love this series.


lukadarkwater replied to your post:"I don’t believe you, and I don’t trust you." "……


Haha yes!

I think it’s also quite curious how both Lalna and Nano seem to have some sort of connection with Lalnable. Lalna feeling sick after visiting his castle which he used to be so eager about is pretty strange. And also suddenly he wants nothing to do with it anymore. I get seeing something evil under what used to be your base is kind of off-putting, but he literally wants it gone all of a sudden.

And Nano seems to sense the evil from it. Even before they went there, she mentioned she felt something evil that wasn’t Mother. It could just be the Flux trying to warn her of Lalnable though.


"I don’t believe you, and I don’t trust you."

"… What?"

That’s not painful. Nope.

Also I totally wasn’t hoping that Duncan would say he was feeling dizzy or feverish after the castle when Kim asked for symptoms. Cause I’m pretty sure that’s what Kim said after coming out of the Flux sphere.


Anonymous said: Let's just hope Duncan and Kim have prerecorded enough episodes so that Flux Buddies doesn't die out like any other story driven series.

Why would it die out?? No one said that it has to stay story driven. I think they’ll go back to their usual routine in a few episodes, with maybe a few references and improv roleplay about the flux occasionally. Remember that back in the days of The Apprentice, about half of those episodes were slightly scripted, and then when Galacticraft came around they pretty much didn’t script anything. And now with the whole castle thing they had some things planned, but now I think they’ll just go back and try to get into Thaumcraft and resume their normal shenanigans.


deep-in-the-void said: Where do you think he kept her when the flux had completely claimed her? Maybe in one of those ice things honeydew was in?

He has her cryogenically sealed, yeah. He has an underground lab in the Twilight Forest, and where the walls of her room should be he’s got terrariums with all sorts of Twilight Forest animals and colourful trees and plants. After all, she liked that a lot when she was concious.