Anonymous said: What is mother anyway? Is it the thing in the thing in the flux sphere or maybe the flux has gave Kim a split personally where one the personally is regular Kim and the other personally tells Kim to do bad things.

I’m going to go ahead and say the former, probably. I suppose we’ll have some sort of confirmation when Lalna gets fluxy. If he hears Mother too, it’s not just Kim’s imagination or split personality.


Anonymous said: What if the nuke explodes with them in it and the flux goes everywhere and that's the reason why Kim has more flux on her and why Duncan gets infected?

That’s what I was thinking. Flux is basically the magical equivalent of radioactive waste, isn’t it? Surely mixing the two would be slightly problematic, especially if they’re going to watch from the hut. It’s way too close to be safe.

Also maybe Nano and Mother had some sort of agreement where the situation would stay the same if they made no attempt to clear the taint. Mother threatens Nano they will go all out if she allows Lalna to nuke the castle, but Nano refuses and tells them to give it their best shot.


lukadarkwater replied to your post:Okay so my English teacher kind of saw me doodling…

Nothing more romantic then warming your hands in the soft glow of nuclear fires #truelove

Okay so my English teacher kind of saw me doodling after I had finished the exercises and I kind of stopped to look at him and he went “No no, go on.”

He probably thought two people of the opposite gender looking off into the distance was pretty romantic, but no, they were just watching their nuclear missile go off.


captain-robbie-draw said: hello where did you learn to draw. love your art

I am a self taught artist, so arguably, nowhere and everywhere?

This kind of means that my art is just a very long process of me figuring out how to draw certain things. And figuring out a style too, which is influenced by shows I watched or artists I look up to etc.

I’m a very envious and competitive person in that regard, I won’t lie. A bit of a shitty personality trait, but I want to be noticed and I want to be better than others. I love drawing on its own too, of course, I’d draw even if nobody noticed cause it’s relaxing to me and I like being totally absorbed in the act of drawing.

Just keep drawing. Unconciously, it’s a trial and error every time. Without noticing, you’ll feel that some things just are a bit off and draw it slightly better next time. Couple that with a bit of research and some other arty friends to help you and inspire you, and you’ll improve a lot if you just keep doing it ^^

Hannah and her survival games. I love ‘em.

Hannah and her survival games. I love ‘em.



It’s okay. 

We’ll be fine.

This Flux!Lalna is not going to end well. //shivers


Anonymous said: In my opinion Youtube is better that TV especially the yogscast. What do you think?

Well, everyone has their own opinions of course, so I won’t say YouTube is ‘better’ than TV per se. But I do like watching the Yogs more than tv series for a couple of reasons. Which are under the cut because I ramble.

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the-krusing13 said: Here's a idea! What if the flux starts a war and the side would be those how just want to kill all things flux and those how want to cure it. I'm guessing the sides would be Kim, Duncan, Hannah and Nilesy how want to cure it and the side that want to kill it would be Sips, Sjin and Hat Flims. Everyone else would just be bystanders.



Maybe add Xephos to the killing side? I remember in an early episode of Sjin’s Farm he did mention one of the possible ways to get rid of the taint was to kill Nano or something? I’m not sure though.

But all the yes. I’d be super sad though, imagine everyone having to pick a side sort of. Imagine Honeydew, with Xephos on one side, but on the other side there are his two Monter Hunters friends. Surely he wouldn’t be able to pick the side that would kill Nano :(

What about the Multiple Duncans Theory though? Would they all take sides?

Well, Flux Lalna is obviously on the curing side, for both himself and Nano. Cop Lalna is on the killing side together with Sjin.

Diggy Lalna, like Honeydew, is stuck between a rock and a hard place with choosing sides. The Flux seemed like something that could be dealt with back in the ol’ Tekkit days, but then again, he hasn’t touched magic since then. Instantly trying to kill it without research seems rash, but then again, Xeph seems pretty convinced it’s the only way. 


I am very serious during Math class.